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Blogs from May, 2017

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Learn How Our Technicians Get Rid of Excessive Odor in Proximity to Basin Grates

catch basin

We are here to serve the city and keep it clean for all residents. The appearance of common areas make a big impression can determine whether a town is considered nice or not. While things like landscaping and architectural design play a large role, both can be negatively overshadowed by the odor of sewage or an overflowing catch basin. Let’s look at how we handle these problems.

Catch Basin Cleaning
When storm waters carry sticks, leaves and other debris into catch basins, the junk needs to be removed. Our catch basin cleaning services do just that using modern jet-vac trucks. Using high-pressure water jetting and industrial strength vacuums, our trucks remove all trash and wash out the basins leaving them clean and working properly. It’s important to keep this maintenance up on a regular basis to ensure proper drainage and stop larger sediment from entering the main sewer system.

Keep Your City Looking Great
We realize it takes more than some fancy buildings and manicured shrubs to create pride in a hometown. The wastewater infrastructure and overall cleanliness can make or break a town’s reputation. We invite government officials to take wastewater maintenance seriously and consider all of our municipal services, including anything from plumbing and non-hazardous liquid waste removal, to septic to sewer conversion and installations. For more information, Contact Kline’s or Request Service Now.

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