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Blogs from November, 2016

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What is a DEP-Approved Treatment Facility?

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Wastewater treatment facilities range in size and ownership, from small municipal buildings that service local areas to large, privately owned companies that service entire regions. However, every facility must follow strict guidelines.

What is the DEP?
The acronym stands for Department of Environmental Protection. Every state has this department, though sometimes it’s called the “Department of Environmental Health,” and federally, it’s called the “US Environmental Protection Agency.” These exist to monitor and enforce health and safety standards which can include anything from types of materials used in septic tank construction to the distance a system is from a waterway.

How Does it Affect Me?
The DEP protects both the environment and the public from anything potentially hazardous. Wastewater treatment plants, for example, must be officially approved and licensed in order to conduct business and must follow very specific regulations. We at Kline’s take these regulations very seriously because we realize there’s more at stake than a fine for violating the rules. Our larger focus is keeping our families, friends, customers, the general public and environment safe. Carelessness on our part can result in dangers like toxic chemicals killing wildlife and water-borne illnesses infiltrating our drinking water.

Doing the Job Right!
We take great pride in our business and work hard to uphold our DEP-approved status. When you hire Kline’s for a job, rest assured you’re getting the highest standards of performance and safety. For more information about the Department of Environmental Protection or our company’s procedures, Contact Us

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