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Are Your Grease Traps Compliant?

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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires certain criteria from wastewater facilities like septic tanks and grease traps. 310 CMR Compliance, for example, was developed to provide for the protection of public health, safety, and the environment. Regulations vary from state to state, and sometimes town to town.

Most facilities are measured at a municipal level rather than following one state-wide regulation. For example, when it comes to the disposal of fats, oils, and grease, in Lancaster, PA, the DEP regulation states:

Grease traps shall be installed in accordance with Chapter 125, Sewer Construction. Each food service facility shall operate and maintain its grease traps in accordance with the following criteria:

(1)   Examination, cleaning, and maintenance. Each food service facility shall be solely responsible for the cost of grease trap installation, examination, cleaning, and maintenance. Each food service facility shall contract with a grease hauler for cleaning services or it may develop a written protocol and perform its own grease trap cleaning and maintenance procedures. Cleaning and maintenance must be performed when the total volume of captured grease and solid material displaces more than 25% of the total volume of the grease trap. Each food service facility shall determine the frequency at which its grease trap shall be cleaned, but all grease traps shall be opened, examined, cleaned, and maintained at a minimum of once every 30 days.

This may be different from the requirements in another Pennsylvania town, so it’s important to be familiar with the regulations in your area. To learn more, contact the Department of Environmental Protection or the knowledgeable staff at Kline’s. We make it our business to keep our customers compliant with all local regulations, so you can rely on us to handle your wastewater facilities accordingly. Contact Us today.

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