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Blogs from November, 2016

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Is It Possible To Inspect Sewer Lines Without Excavating?

camera inspection

Advancements in wastewater maintenance solutions continue to bring simpler and more affordable ways of finding and fixing sewage problems. New technologies are now being utilized to save technicians and customers a great deal of valuable time and money. One of our most significant innovations has been the ability to see underground sewer components without having to dig them up.

Removing Guesswork
It used to be impossible to see what was going on in sewer lines unless you dug up the pipes to take a look. Well, that is no longer the case with the development of video cameras designed especially for the wastewater industry. These special cameras designed to travel through piping can quickly “see” the inside of drain lines and go to great lengths to find trouble spots. Technicians simply set up the camera and feed it into the drain until they find the problem. They then analyze the video to pinpoint the location and identify the source of any obstructions.

Other Benefits
The cameras not only spot things that are clogging our drains, they also find red flags that could lead to bigger problems. These include unexpected leaks, line breaks, water damage and rust spots that could cause future issues. They are also great for finding lost valuables like jewelry or other small objects that accidentally fall down sinks or get flushed down toilets.

No More Digging
Video cameras have truly been a game changer in the wastewater industry, allowing us to see what was once impossible without the hassle of excavation. Their ability to record what’s going on underground helps us identify current problems as well as find unforeseen issues. This makes them a valuable instrument for our techs as well as an effective preventative maintenance tool. To learn more or to set up a video line inspection, Contact Kline’s and let’s see if you could benefit from our services.

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