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What Drain Line Maintenance Services Does Kline’s Provide?

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If you are experiencing plumbing problems, you can’t automatically assume it’s your septic system because it could simply be a drain issue. Consult the skilled professionals at Kline’s who can accurately detect the problem and solve it quickly and inexpensively. Today, we are discussing what you can expect from our professional pipeline maintenance services.

To figure out what is causing the problem, the technician will utilize video camera equipment to pinpoint the exact problem area that can’t be seen externally. For example, a break or clog in your pipes is easily seen by video technology allowing the technician to go directly to the spot needing treatment. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money if you consider what you’d pay a plumber by the hour who does not have this tool.

For soft blockages, we use snaking to clear your drains. This is where a flexible auger forces its way through your pipes using its helical blade head to cut through waste and debris much like a screwdriver. You can manually force the snake, but this can be very difficult and time consuming. At Kline’s, we have professional snakes which are motorized and come in long lengths to reach distant clogs.

For tougher blockages, we might use jetting. This is a more powerful type of drain cleaning that uses water pressure to power through drains. Concentrated water is forced out at 2000 to 4000 pounds per square inch which is strong enough to remove anything that may be in your pipes. This includes caked on debris, grease and even tree roots. Water jetting also serves as an effective means of preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance
Professional drain cleaning is the most effective way to clear your drains, but the best way to avoid drainage problems altogether is to schedule consistent preventative maintenance. With a regular maintenance plan, technicians are routinely inspecting your plumbing and septic system to stop clogs before they can form. A Kline’s technician can also offer items like filters and additives to aid your preventative routine. To learn more about drain cleaning services or to Request Service, Contact Kline’s Today.

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