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Blogs from June, 2017

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How Long Do Hot Water Heaters Last?

water heater

Have you thought about your hot water heater lately? Probably not since it works silently and unnoticed on a daily basis. We usually pay it no attention until our showers turn cold, right? Well, as we get into the summer months, perhaps it’s time to check on that water heater.

The first thing to consider is the age of your heater. On average, tank and electric heaters will last 8 to 10 years, while gas heaters last 6 to 8 years. If your water heater has reached this age point, start looking at replacing it. If you wait, leaks and water damage could result.

Other Clues
With proper maintenance, it’s possible to double the life of a water heater, but you just never know. Even a well-maintained unit may need to be replaced after just a few years. Some clues to look for include rust, corrosion, popping sounds, leaks, and lack of hot water. If you’re experiencing any of these, call a professional to determine whether you need a replacement or repairs. The experts at Kline’s can perform water heater repairs safely and perform inspections to see how much more life is left in them. They can also perform routine maintenance like flushing your heater to prevent damage and extend its lifespan. Don’t get left with cold water. Contact Kline’s to handle all your hot water heater needs.

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