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Blogs from May, 2017

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Learn About Kline’s Methane Digester

methane digester

We specialize in waste maintenance, but we also do our best to conduct business without being wasteful. Through innovative machines like methane digesters and sequence batch reactors, we can now recycle waste. This is good news for food-based industries who might produce a bad batch of product or maybe an excess. These items don’t necessarily have to go to waste just because they may be expired or inedible.

Let Me Introduce Our Methane Digester
As part of our Renewable Energy System Project, Kline’s installed a methane digester to produce electricity. That’s right! This amazing contraption can take organic waste from food manufacturing facilities and turn it into biogas. This methane-rich byproduct can then fuel generators which produce 600kW of electricity on an annual basis. This is way more energy than Kline’s needs for its yearly operations, so the extra is distributed through a substation.

If you’re in the food manufacturing business, join us in this energy-producing initiative. Contact Kline’s to see how we can help you minimize your waste while helping the environment and creating clean fuel.

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