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Snaking vs. Jetting…How to Decide


We discussed this topic last month, but let’s review what snaking and jetting entails. Both are methods of drain cleaning used to clear obstructions from your plumbing, but there are certain scenarios where one would be better than the other.

Consider snaking to be your first remedy against clogs. Generally, this is sufficient for clearing through soft blockages such as hair, toilet paper or food stuck in your drain line. The “snake” consists of a strong flexible auger that can move through the curves of your pipes. The head of the auger is a helical screw blade which forces its way through sludge and waste much like a screwdriver. Sometimes the clog can be several feet from the drain, so you’ll need a specialist from a company like Kline’s who will have a professional snake. These are longer and connected to a motor which means they can reach great distances and work faster.

For tougher clogs, you’ll want to hire Kline’s to perform jetting on your drain lines. This is a power washing method where a hose with powerful jets is inserted into your drain lines, and concentrated water is forced out at 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square inch. This immense pressure delivers 360-degree coverage throughout the pipe and blasts away any and everything in its path. Grease, cake sludge, and even tree roots are no problem with jetting. We also use this method for larger jobs such as cleaning out lagoons or catch basins.

Which is Best?
Generally speaking, snaking is sufficient for minor blockages in your sink or toilet, but it is not designed to fully clean your pipes or prevent future clogs. Jetting is considered a more powerful method of drain cleaning, and it is even used as a preventative maintenance tool because it washes away everything before it becomes a problem. If you still can’t decide, give us a call and we’ll advise the best solution. We always recommend letting an experienced professional diagnose and fix the problem so you avoid injury or paying for unnecessary services. To learn more about our drain cleaning services, Contact Us or Request Drain Cleaning Service Now.

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