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Town Spotlight: Reading, PA Embraces Pretzels To Septic Services Industries


Reading, PA is famous for its spot on the monopoly board, but a railroad isn’t the only thing it’s known for. Also known as the “Pretzel Capital of the World,” you shouldn’t be surprised to find more than a few pretzel establishments that call the city home. It’s the fifth most populated city in the state and boasts a rich cultural and industrial life. It may not be as well known as Philadelphia, but it’s success in farming and its abundance of civilized establishments such as colleges and a symphony orchestra are nothing to be scoffed at.

Speaking of things not to be scoffed at, let’s not forget the modest business of septic services. In the city of Reading where both residential and commercial buildings are abundant, it’s a very necessary trade. Luckily, Kline’s Services has you covered whether you’re a personal homeowner or you’re a business owner with more specialized needs.

All of you homeowners, Kline’s knows how important the place you live in is. Leaks and clogged drains in your home? Unacceptable! Our expert plumbing service is here to put an end to any such nonsense. In fact, Kline’s approach is to keep it to where their future visits are for routine maintenance, only. We’re actually looking for potential problems to stop them before they occur and cost you hard-earned money. We also offer septic pumping and repairs, and you can check out our 3 Step Septic Maintenance Plan to really keep things running smoothly.

We hope you’re not feeling left out, business owners, because we can serve you beyond general septic and plumbing maintenance. We can also handle services such as cleaning your grease traps and disposing of your waste.

So if you’re in need of anything septic system related in the Reading area, no need to worry! Just contact Kline’s and go get a pretzel instead!

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