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Check Out All the Different Trucks Used for Septic Jobs!

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It takes more than a team of great employees to construct the top environmental service provider in the Mid-Atlantic. There is another team that is essential to the success of our company – our team of trucks. Our fleet adds an additional level of power and capabilities allowing us to offer advanced technologies and faster service to customers. As the leading waste management company responsible for providing service to several states, it’s important that we’re equipped with adequate manpower and vehicles to handle routine service calls as well as unexpected emergency requests. So what are the different types of trucks needed to make up the largest waste management fleet in the Mid-Atlantic?

Mobile Equipment, Medium and Heavy
We can break them down into 3 categories. As you can imagine, it takes a variety of trucks to handle the work we require. Pump trucks make up a good share of our vehicles, but other medium duty and equipment trucks contribute so much to our daily tasks. Without this reliable fleet, our workload would be achievable, and the time it would take to complete a job would quadruple. Imagine removing 1000 gallons of wastewater from a septic tank and moving it to another location without the help of a truck. Yikes!

For those who are interested, here is the actual breakdown of our fleet.

Heavy Duty:

Pump Trucks


Hy Vac Trucks

Dump/Hook Trucks

Medium Duty:

Grease Box Trucks

Drain Cleaning Utility Trucks

Plumbing Service Vans

Pickup Trucks

Jet Trucks/Trailers

Mobile Equipment & Trailers:

Excavation Equipment

Tank Trailer

Service Trailer

Storage Trailer

Can’t Beat Our Fleet
We are proud of our fleet of trucks. It is a significant component of our company and enables our technicians to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. As a result, you can rely on us to deliver quick and efficient service. To learn more about our individual trucks or to have one come out to your business to perform a service, Contact Us.

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