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Blogs from January, 2017

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Where Does All That Wastewater and Sludge Go?

methane digester

When you flush the toilet, do you ever wonder where your wastewater goes? If you have a septic tank, then you probably know. What about after that? Your septic tank must be pumped and cleaned out, so what happens to all that waste once a company like Kline’s removes it? Today is your lucky day because we’re going to reveal the answer to this mystery.

It’s Not Wasted
The waste we collect is taken to an aerobic sequence batch reactor system to begin the process of filtration. A series of aerated tanks removes solid contaminants so that the effluent can be treated further at local wastewater plants and redistributed to homes as clean water. The remaining solid waste is also reused. By pushing it through a belt filter press and then treating it with lime, we create a Class B biosolid. This biosolid can then be used for things such as fertilizer at farms.

At Kline’s we’re doing our part to minimize our environmental footprint, and we encourage you to participate. If your business would like to make sure its waste is being handled responsibly, Contact Us and let our guys come to your facility and discuss our earth-friendly options.

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