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Blogs from February, 2017

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February’s Messiest Drain Award

worn pipe

We got a call from a customer in York, Pennsylvania who noticed strange smells and sounds coming from his drains. There were no outward signs of trouble, so the technicians utilized video camera technology to investigate the activity down inside the drains and pipes. Unfortunately, they did not find good news.

The pipes were weathered from old age. The only solution at this point was to replace them because they were so badly damaged. The pipes were beneath a paved lot, so heavy machinery had to be brought in to blast through the concrete and dig up the old pipes. Although breaking up the pavement seemed like a troublesome step, this business owner was actually very lucky that the damaged pipes were outside. We have seen many pipes burst on upper levels of buildings causing severe water damage to flow down to lower floors. The cost of water damage to furnishings and building foundations often exceeds the cost of the pipe repair itself, and some items like paper files and electronics are irreplaceable.

The lesson to take from this scenario is to have your drains regularly inspected. This is especially important for older facilities. Homeowners often have clues to pipe leaks because they can see patches of green grass over the trouble spots, but pavement does not produce such convenient clues. Only a trained professional would have noticed the impending damage occurring underground. 

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