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Happy Valentine’s Day! Learn About the Love Your Septic System Has for Service and Maintenance!

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I don’t have any romantic advice for you on this holiday of love, but I do have some advice on how to show some love to your septic system. One of the most important lessons we can teach at Kline’s is that treating your septic system with routine preventative maintenance will result in a long and happy life when it comes to your wastewater.

3 Ways to Woo Your System
Instead of roses and chocolates, invest in our 3-step maintenance plan. Incorporating these items will keep your septic tank and lines clean so you can avoid clogs and backups.

  1. Regular Septic Pumping – We’ll completely remove the sludge and wastewater from your septic tank or cesspool.
  2. Bacterial Additives – Adding an additive like CCLS helps the good bacteria in your system to thrive and break down
  3. Septic Filters – Install a filter to the outlet of your septic tank to stop large particles and other potentially damaging materials from entering your leach field.

Don’t Kill the Mood
Nothing will kill a romantic evening like sewage backing up into your bedroom or the stench of methane gas over a candlelight dinner. Just as your relationship needs attention and care to thrive, so does your septic system. It works day and night processing the very thing you need to survive—water. It’s easy to neglect something that is out of sight and out of mind, so take the time on this Valentine’s Day to do something special for your hardworking septic system. Spoil it with a preventative maintenance schedule, and it will return the favor with a lifetime of trouble-free plumbing. To learn more about our 3-step maintenance plan or our other preventative maintenance services, Contact Us.

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