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Kline’s and Renewable Energy: Methane Digester!

renewable energy

Kline’s is committed to protecting the environment in more ways than just by providing safe, reliable waste disposal. Kline’s Services applies its environmental values to its own facilities. Kline’s is the home of a methane digester as part of the Renewable Energy System Project. This contraption converts trash to treasure, literally! The methane digester takes organic food waste from food manufacturing facilities and produces biogas, which fuels a power generator. Kline’s methane digester produces 600kW of energy every year, more than enough to run our own operations with plenty of extra renewable energy to spare. The surplus renewable energy then goes to a substation for distribution. The methane digester is just one of the many ways Kline’s gives back to the community. We know you want to learn more about our renewable energy initiatives!

A methane digester challenges the assumption that classifies the odds and ends left over from food production as “waste.” This is far from the truth! Remember when people used to throw paper, glass, and aluminum in trash cans without a second thought as to the future of the planet? Now, we know better. Kline hopes that the practice of rescuing food waste from the fate of an eternity in a landfill will soon be just as widely accepted. Why take up space in a dumpster with something that can be given new life as a clean source of electricity? Methane digesters aren’t just used for food waste, either. A lot of farmers use them to help them turn their manure into electricity, too!

As a local company, we value doing our part to take care of the places where we work and live. This means finding ways to help people and businesses to maximize resources and minimize waste. If creative environmental solutions are also important to you, we want to hear from you!

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