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Poorly Structured Lines Ruined Washing Machine and Flooding Basement


That expensive washing machine sitting in your basement is likely to be the first piece of equipment to feel the pains a structural issue in your septic line will create. As water is unable to escape the basement due to the improper structuring of the line leading to clogs or flow problems, it flows back into your house, possibly causing serious electrical damage to your machine. A fried washing machine isn’t cheap to replace, and the electrical and fire hazards it poses is dangerous to you and your family’s safety.


Catching a structural issue or clogged septic line doesn’t have to be this dramatic or expensive, though. Take notice of small pools of water on your basement floor, or puddles in your front lawn, and recognize that they are symptoms of a structural issue or clogged drain line. Otherwise, something like our above-listed scenario might happen. Save yourself potentially thousand of dollars and tons of stress.


When you see these things, don’t hesitate to call us at Kline’s Services. We offer a simple diagnostic solution, where our professionals will run a camera through the line, seeing any presenting issues in real-time. From there, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will consult with you about how best to handle the problem affordably before you ever have to deal with the catastrophe awaiting an opportune time to strike. As with most any septic or sewer issue, preventative maintenance is a painless and proactive way to assure that no nasty flooding or back-ups become part of your day. If you’re seeing any of these issues, get in touch with us and we’ll ease the worry from your mind.

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