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Liquid versus Cake Sludge – Refinement and Removal

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Sludge: it’s something no one ever really wants to think about. For the most part, we’d all rather pretend that it doesn’t exist. That’s not practical though; sludge is a quality sign that a healthy sewer system is operating as it should. However, sludge does build up over time and it has to be dealt with. Otherwise, the sewer system is likely looking at an overload, leading to spillage from back-up in the pipes. That’s not something that the average person wants to or knows how to deal with.

Luckily, here at Kline’s Services, we know how to handle your sludge treatment and removal processes professionally and efficiently. We’re here to educate you a little on the different types of sludge so you know what you’re dealing with.


Liquid sludge is sludge in its most natural state. It is basically a viscous mixture of solid and liquid components that come from the natural rendering of human waste in a sewer or many other industrial refinement processes. Liquid sludge may or may not be of a uniform consistency, and likely has solid masses disbursed throughout a liquid suspension.


At Kline’s, we want to convert your liquid sludge into a cake sludge, reducing cost, and making disposal easier and less hazardous. We do this by adding a thickening or clarifying agent as well as a stirring mechanism. This reduces the moisture content to anywhere between 60 and 85 percent, depending on the method used. Once we have converted it to a cake sludge, the removal is efficient and carries minimal environmental impact. Kline’s Services treats waste water on site!

So contact us today and let our studious professionals remove your sludge from your plant and mind!

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