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Septic Pumping at Kline’s Services: Town Spotlight: Lititz, PA

lititz pa


Lititz was named in 1756, and incorporated in 1888. Today the small town of 9,385 occupies just 2.3 square miles, tucked quaintly in the heart of Lancaster County just 8 miles north of the city of Lancaster. Lititz blends a rich historical heritage with contemporary modern business as the home to international companies like Johnson and Johnson, and entertainment industry leaders such as Tait Towers, Clair Global, and Atomic Design.

A perfect example of the town’s unique ability to blend the old and the new is the Amish Farm & House, where singer Katy Perry toured while taking a break from rehearsals at the Rock Lititz studio last September. The town’s unique cultural mix of the old and the new combined to win the “America’s Coolest Small Town” award in 2013, and Lititz continues to live up to that reputation today.


Kline’s Services is proud to be part of such a vibrant community and we’re happy to offer our services to protect the environment in and around Lititz. Maintaining your septic system to keep it in optimal working order is the best way to ensure that wastewater from your household is disposed of safely and responsibly to protect groundwater resources. The best advice we can offer for homeowners is to pump the septic tank regularly to prevent unchecked solid waste (sludge) from piling up in the tank and impeding flow.

At Kline’s Services, we believe in preventing septic problems before they occur, and septic tank pumping is just the first step in our 3-Step Septic Maintenance Plan. 

We also offer the full range of plumbing services for drain cleaning and grease trap maintenance. Services for our commercial customers include wastewater treatment, energy generation, and emergency spill response as well as drain cleaning and inside grease trap services. For all your residential and commercial septic and plumbing service needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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