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Jet-Vac Trucks and the Health of Your Catch Basins

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When we are walking along our city streets, we take catch basins, more colloquially known as storm drains, for granted. For good reason: we typically never have to think about these drains and basins means they are in proper working order, as they should be. It is only when they begin to malfunction that we take notice of them. We start realizing what a necessity catch basin cleaning is and what an eyesore they prevent when working as they should.


The catch basin is a beautiful meshing of form and function in its simplistic design. Hidden under the grate that the eye sees is what could best be described as a concrete box containing two pipes in its upper portion; one on either side. The highest pipe is for intake and the lower one is u-shaped and for output. Solids are then carried by the intake pipe and deposited into the bottom of the box, where they are to remain, as water flows on through, back to its source. Sometimes, the catch basin needs debris removal, and when this issue isn’t addressed quickly and comprehensively enough, chaos and disaster will ensue.


This is where our Jet-Vac Combo Trucks come into play. Our environmentally friendly trucks use only high-pressure water to flush out what debris can be flushed to stop any potentially dangerous and expensive flooding. Vacuuming ensures that the job is complete and the catch basin is safe for use again. With regular preventative maintenance by our friendly and knowledgeable professionals, catch basin clogging and flooding will never be a problem you have to endure. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so call us today.

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