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Septic Backup Stalling Laundry Day?


Your days are filled with errands and chores. You are cruising right along the road of productivity when a major home repair slams into your schedule. A septic backup is no joke, and when your laundry machine takes on the backup, you desperately look for answers as your hamper overflows with clothes.


A septic system will show signs as it needs maintenance. This article explains them in more detail, but here is a summary. Leaking will cause the lawn near your system to look more watered than the rest of your lawn. A slow drain may mean there is a clog or full septic system. Strong odors and water backing up into the lowest drains in your house mean a full septic system in need of immediate maintenance.

So your septic system is full and is starting to back up. Depending on the layout of your house, the water may head straight for your lower level washing machine. What is meant to be used as a cleaning machine is quickly tainted by the foul water from a septic backup.


During a septic backup, the system’s capacity is full and the water you are pouring into every drain from washing dishes to showering, and the heavy use of a washing machine have nowhere to go. Even overloading the amount of water into your system over a short period of time can cause problems.

The septic system is made to take in water and slowly it is leached into the surrounding ground. This is a brief summary of how it works, read this for more detail. However, if the system is bombarded by heavy water use, the water may pool in your yard or back up into your house.


Kline’s Services offers professional septic service. Their article explains the proper septic maintenance needed to help avoid serious problems.

  • Regularly pump your system
  • Use bacteria additives
  • Add a septic filter

Keep your days running smoothly and your washing machine safe. Kline’s Services is here to answer any questions about your septic system or schedule your preventative maintenance, contact us today.

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