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Blogs from June, 2017

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What Kind of Portable Storage Tanks can Kline’s Provide?

EC Franc tanks

We don’t often get requests for these from residential customers, but commercial and municipal customers greatly benefit from our frac and storage tanks. You often see these with the fracturing of oil and gas wells, but industries like chemical plants, refineries, and paper mills also use these tanks to store water, waste and other liquids. Farmers even use them for manure storage or for holding water for livestock.

Frac tanks differ from regular storage containers because their special floor design allows fluids to be emptied even when the tank is level. They also have valves that work with pumps and vacuums, and wheels to simplify transportation. Oh yea, and did we mention they are big? I mean like tens of thousands of gallons can fit in these bad boys.

Tanks a Lot!
Got thousands of gallons of stuff, and don’t know where to put it? Well, Contact Us! We have storage tanks and frac tanks ranging in size from 10,000 to 21,000 gallons. Not only that, we also offer waste disposal services like Bulk Hauling, Leachate Removal, and Hydro Excavating. Let us help with your storage needs and be your one-stop shop for waste and environmental services.

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