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How Long Do Sump Pumps Last?

sump pump

If you’ve got a basement or crawl space, you may have an ejector or sump pump down there keeping the area dry. These pumps do an important job and prevent flood damage from ruining your home or business. You wouldn’t want one of these babies to die in the middle of a big storm, so make sure you maintain them just as you would your other wastewater equipment.

This next statement doesn’t narrow things down much, but here goes… The lifespan of your sump pump could be 3 years or 30 years. It really depends on the quality and brand, as well as what it is being used to pump. Some are used to pump grease or caustic liquids which tends to affect longevity. Regardless, you want to maximize the efficiency of your pumps by having them inspected on a regular basis. The guys at Kline’s are certified and have tons of experience with these pumps, and they recommend an annual inspection. It’s probably been awhile since you even thought about the pump down there in the dark basement, but don’t wait for the next storm to remind you. Contact Us, and schedule your ejector pump or sump pump inspection today!

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