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Blogs from January, 2017

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January’s Messiest Drain Award


How would you like to start off the year with frozen pipes? Well our customer in Reading, PA wasn’t too excited about this either. Unfortunately winter is notorious for bringing about frozen plumbing, and it takes special equipment to free up the lines to make them usable again. By applying hydrojetting technology, Kline’s technicians melted 125 feet of ice inside the customer’s pipes. The lines were so crammed, they had to jet over 10 times. A normal job usually lasts a couple of hours; this job took up most of the day. Congratulations to this month’s Messiest Drain for n-ICE-ly exhibiting the lengths our guys will go to get the job done!

Brrrrrr…ing on Winter!
Our technicians are ready and more than able to handle your winter septic woes. Septic repairs do not have to be put on hold just because of snow and ice. Kline’s technicians are trained and equipped to perform all services even when freezing weather hits. To learn more about winter septic maintenance or to Schedule Repairs, Contact Us Today.

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