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Learn More About the Benefits of Snaking and Jetting


If you’re picturing serpents and fast planes, then read on for the real meanings of today’s topics. We’re actually looking at 2 effective methods of professional drain cleaning. Both are great at clearing obstructions, but there are certain scenarios where one may be more appropriate than the other. Let’s look at each technique individually to learn the differences.

As the name implies, this method of drain cleaning includes a tool that resembles a snake to force its way through clogs. The “snake” is actually made up of long slender pieces of wire wound tightly together to form a strong flexible auger. The pliable design allows it to bend and move through the curved pipes in your plumbing. At the head of the auger is a helical screw blade which cuts through sludge and waste much like a screwdriver. These snakes come in various lengths and can be very long, enabling them to reach clogs far from your house. Professional snakes used by companies like Kline’s are connected to a motor which enables them to power through pipes much more quickly and powerfully than manual snakes.

Water jetting is used for tougher drain cleaning jobs where snaking may not be sufficient. With this method, a hose with powerful jets is inserted into your drain lines. Concentrated water is forced out at 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square inch delivering 360-degree coverage throughout the pipe. This focused pressure washing effectively removes everything inside the pipe, including grease or sludge that may have caked onto the interior walls. In addition, jetting can also be used for cleaning out larger containments like lagoons and catch basins, making it a very versatile cleaning tool.

One Versus the Other
Snaking is usually sufficient for soft blockages in your sink or toilet consisting of stuff such as toilet paper or food, but it is not designed to fully clean your pipes or prevent future clogs. Jetting, however, is the most powerful method of drain cleaning with the strength to blast through even a tree root. It is also quite valuable as a preventative maintenance tool because it powers away developing debris. Regardless of whether you need snaking or jetting services, it is best to let experienced professionals handle the job. Both methods require special tools and complicated machinery that only trained technicians know how to operate. Trying to perform drain maintenance yourself can cause harm to you and damage to your plumbing, so let us assist. To learn more about our drain cleaning services, contact Kline’s or Request Drain Cleaning Service Now.

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