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Blogs from November, 2016

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November’s Messiest Drain Award

fruits and vegetables

We received a call from the panicked manager of one of our grocery store customers. Foul-smelling sewage was gushing from the floor drain making a disaster area of the kitchen. We sent over a team to diagnose the problem and discovered a bunch of grease in the line. Apparently, an employee was improperly disposing of grease from the nearby fryolator by pouring it down the drain. The large amount of grease had hardened and stuck to the walls of the pipes to the point where snaking wasn’t sufficient to clear the line. The job ended up requiring our hy vac truck and jetting service.

Educate Your Employees
The young fryolator operator learned a valuable lesson that day about proper grease disposal. If your employees are uninformed on liquid waste practices, it’s easy to let things like this go unnoticed for awhile. This scenario could have been avoided with some quick training or even some signs at various stations explaining correct grease disposal procedures. Kline’s can even send someone from our team to do a quick class at your business to teach your employees the correct ways to handle wastewater and grease. Feel free to take advantage of our expertise for wastewater maintenance as well as in a training capacity. We look forward to serving you however possible. Contact Kline’s or Request Service Now.

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