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What Should You Do With Car Wash Waste?

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It feels great to drive a freshly cleaned car. Don’t you just love sporting those shiny wheels and a dust-free exterior when you first pull out of the car wash? True, that feeling is cut short when the thunderstorm arrives an hour later, but at least you had your glorious stretch on the road during that brief period. Car washes provide a convenient service, but you probably don’t think about what happens to all that dirt that was washed away from your vehicle. The truth is, car wash waste has great potential to harm the environment, so precautions must be taken. If you own a professional car wash, make sure you are taking responsibility for the wastewater your business produces.

What’s So Harmful?
Car wash waste includes a ton of yucky stuff. Oil and grease get washed from vehicles, along with the normal grime and grit. All of this can clog storm drains. Hazardous contaminants like lead, pesticides, nitrates and other chemicals also end up in car wash drains. Detergents used to clean the vehicle often contain phosphates, which are dangerous to fish and plants.

How Do You Safely Dispose Of It?
Wastewater should be routed to water treatment facilities so it doesn’t infiltrate the public water system or pollute the environment. You can also have a qualified service provider like Kline’s come and haul it away. It’s a complicated process to properly treat and dispose of car wash waste in a safe and legal manner, rely on the help of experienced professionals. To learn more about our specialized car wash services, Contact Kline’s.

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