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Septic Tips To Think About


Septic tanks have proven to be very useful for homeowners, but at the same time, if not properly maintained and used, they can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. But do not worry, with these septic tips you’ll be able to prevent a big mess!


Septic tanks use bacteria to break down waste and depend on a natural process of bacterial reproduction for proper function. The waste separates into liquid and solid inside the tanks. The bacteria treat the wastewater so that it can be transferred to a drain field.


When the bacteria in the septic tank cannot break down everything that is entering, the potential for overflow or leakage increases. It’s very important that you know everything that is entering the septic tanks. Septic systems, though having become very sophisticated, can be rendered useless or problematic by simple clogs. There is also a risk of corroding the piping. These can cause an unexpected, and unwanted, release of waste into the environment.


Everything has its proper place and function, so the best septic tip is that you should avoid allowing these 3 into your tanks:

Large Objects: Do Not Flush Large Items! A toilet is not a trash can. Large items can clog piping and may not be broken down into the septic tank.

Garbage Disposals: Most garbage disposals are connected to septic systems. Even though they mechanically grind the waste before it goes into the septic tank, the waste may still prove too much for the bacteria to handle. Garbage disposals are for what you could not avoid entering the drain, not to dispose of everything you can in it.

Chemical Cleaners: Many chemicals are made strong so that they clean well, but they can corrode the piping. They may also interfere with the natural reproduction process of bacteria. Fewer bacteria means less waste is broken down which can cause overflow or clogging. But of course, you need to clean. There are organic or non-corrosive alternatives that you can use.

It’s always best to spend a small amount of time and money in order to prevent wasting a lot of time and money. Walk to the trash can; dispose elsewhere; buy safer cleaners. Simple septic tips that can help prevent a huge headache.

If further assistance is needed, please contact us, we are here to help in any way we can.

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