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How Often Should Your Inside Grease Trap Be Serviced?

grease trap

We get this question a lot, and there is actually a quick and easy legal answer. Unfortunately, the legal answer may not be the answer you need, so we are going to delve a little deeper. When it comes to your grease trap, you do not want to take its maintenance lightly. Irresponsibility in this area can result in expensive repairs or even cause health hazards that can shut down your business. Read on to find out our 3 ways of answering this common question.

Check Legal Regulations
Your local Board of Health generally mandates how often servicing should be done.  Some towns require quarterly maintenance while others allow pumping service on an as-needed basis. You’ll need to check the regulations in your area and stay compliant to avoid any penalties. So there’s your quick and easy answer.

Check the FOG
If you want a technical answer, we have determined it is best to clean your grease trap before FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease) makes up a quarter of the trap’s contents. If you wait for FOG to accumulate more than this, you risk clogging and backups. You’ll need a professional to properly remove the cover and measure this if you’re unsure.

Check with the Experts
Legal requirements are generally designed for the average scenario. Your business may or may not fall into that category, and your trap may need more or less attention. Our best recommendation is to have a reliable professional evaluate the size of your grease trap, determine your water use, and measure the accumulated FOG. These clues will help him determine an ideal maintenance schedule. Be selective when choosing a service provider by asking good questions. Do they fully pump the trap, scrape the trap walls, remove the baffles, and get rid of the old water?  Failure to do all these things will leave grease stuck to the trap walls eroding the grease trap itself.  Kline’s follows a 14-step inspection process for grease trap services making sure the job is done correctly and completely. If you would like to have your equipment properly serviced or evaluated for a regular maintenance plan, Contact Us or Request Service Now.

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