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How is Waste Management for Large Weather Events Handled?

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When weather-related disasters strike, the community looks to us for help. After heavy storms, it’s not unusual for wastewater facilities to suffer from flooding and structural damage. Leach fields can lose their ability to absorb moisture due to all the excess water, and septic tanks can overflow. Storm waters also have a bad habit of carrying all kinds of trash and debris into catch basins, worsening a flood situation.

Kline’s to the Rescue!
Thanks to our state-of-the-art fleet, we can easily handle the mayhem left from destructive weather. Hy Vac trucks, pump trailers and support equipment combined with a team of quick and experienced professionals are the ultimate solutions for cleaning up after large weather events. By adding attachments to our vactor trucks, Kline’s technicians can quickly remove leaves and garbage from deep within catch basins. Our vehicles have even been used to assist with catastrophes such as Hurricane Sandy in 2012, where hy vac trucks were instrumental in cleaning up flood waters and removing debris from dangerous areas.

After the Storm
Vactoring will get a big job done quickly and efficiently while reducing overall labor costs. Let us help you get your business and community back to normal after bad weather hits. We don’t just handle storm recovery, of course. We act as a reliable sole service provider for all your wastewater needs. Sanitary community sewage and septic facilities support a healthy environment and even help to decontaminate the air you breathe. If these April showers are causing trouble, contact the experts at Kline’s and we’ll get things cleaned up and running smoothly.

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