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Regulations on Grease Trap Servicing

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If you own a grease-generating business, such as a fast-food restaurant or a grocery store, you need to have a grease trap installed. This is a box-shaped contraption that attaches to drains and captures fats, oils, and grease (FOG) so they don’t infiltrate the public water system. Once installed, a grease trap must be cleaned periodically in order to work. Different states have different rules on how often this should be done. Due to the complexity of a grease trap and its components, it takes a licensed professional to properly pump out the FOG and wastewater and clean out all the parts.

States have an obligation to protect their citizens so they may send inspectors to your business to check grease trap compliance. The inspector will measure the amount of FOG escaping into water outlets, and if it exceeds regulations, you will pay expensive penalties. You can also face substantial fines if your trap is the wrong size, was installed incorrectly, has not been pumped or is not operating correctly. Worst-case scenario, your business could be shut down. However, an even more tragic scenario would be contamination to the public water supply. Think about that the next time you ponder skipping your scheduled maintenance.

Stay Compliant with Kline’s
With decades of experience in waste management, Kline’s has installed, cleaned and maintained every type of grease interceptor for every kind of business. Our goal is to keep up with all liquid waste issues so you can avoid penalties and focus on running your business. Contact Us for all your grease trap needs or ask about any of our other waste management services.

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