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Things to Keep Away from Your Leach Field

fall landscaping

August has arrived which means it’s time to get ready to plan your fall landscaping. Much thought and effort can be put into the plants and decor around your home, but have you thought about the landscaping around your septic tank? Your on-site sewage system doesn’t have to hinder your ability to have a beautiful yard. Just remember to steer clear of these things when planting around your septic system.

Trees, Bushes and Other Larger Plants
The only plant we recommend having near your septic tank and leach field is grass. Roots of trees, bushes, and gardens can grow right through your pipes causing considerable damage. Although we are masters at repairing root damage, I’m sure you’d rather spend your money on something other than pipe maintenance.

Heavy Items
You don’t want to put anything heavy over your septic tank and leach field either. Structures like decks, sheds, patios and even cars need to be placed on areas away from your septic system. The weight can cause the ground to collapse eventually breaking the pipes or tank below it.

Consider a Riser
Since your septic tank is underground, it is easy to forget where it is. We recommend installing a riser to bring the cover of your tank to the surface of the ground. This way, it is always visible and easier to access. When planning for flowers and gardening, you’ll now be able to clearly see the area that is off limits.

Keep your septic system running efficiently for many years to come by applying regular preventative maintenance and putting advice like today’s into practice. For more information about landscaping or maintenance services, Contact Kline’s Today or Request Service Now.

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