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Blogs from October, 2017

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Treating the Overflowing Lagoon


An optimally flowing lagoon should never require too much attention, but time changes all things. It is very common that a lagoon was once handling the work capacity it was designed for is bogging down with additional strains on it as the population grows around it. According to the EPA, “Organic overload is normally caused by increased influent organic shock loads without corresponding increase in treatment plant capacity.” Or in layman’s terms, we keep putting more strain and work into the lagoon without giving it the proper extra care and space that it needs. We have to think about the risk of overflowing lagoons, and lagoon cleaning. Before a disaster occurs with the lagoon, there are signs; side effects indicating that the lagoon is no longer in good working order.


Lagoons should be a proper color: only crystal blue, green, or brown will do. Any other color points directly to there being a sub-optimal level of digested oxygen, or DO, from an influx of algae and bacteria in the water. The algae will also lead to an increase in the odor surrounding the lagoon. As they feed by anaerobic digestion, the gases they release will escape the lagoon at once, releasing them with a powerful, noxious, sulfurous odor. There will also be an increase in sludge build-up as the lagoon cannot properly handle the strains it is placed under. Preventative maintenance by professional observation is key to keeping this from developing into a disaster.


At Kline’s Services, we follow EPA guidelines in aerating an overly-strained and too-full lagoon. Thus we are saving clients future expenses and headaches by addressing the problem head-on. Following EPA guidelines, we ensure the lagoon will be fully up-to-code, and with proper treatment, we can prevent this from happening again anytime in the near future.

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