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Video Drain Inspection Services

kitchen faucet

As water begins to rise in the sink, the panic level rises. Quickly turn off the faucet and make sure the drain isn’t blocked. Sometimes, this isn’t enough. Buildup in a drain can prevent water from flowing. There are several common drainage problems every building faces, and professional drain cleaning technicians are ready to resolve every problem.

The most common drains to clog are in the bathroom and kitchen. Both rooms undergo heavy traffic and use. In the bathroom, the most common culprit of drainage issues is hair and dirt build up in the pipes over time. For both the toilet and sink drains, the causes boil down to misuse. Dropping inappropriate waste products down a drain make big issues. Paper towels and baby wipes don’t belong in the toilet, just as kitchen sinks are not designed to dispose of oil and grease. With drain clogs being a common occurrence, many do-it-yourself solutions have surfaced over the years. Here is some of advice from your plumber:

  • Avoid using caustic chemicals to open up clogged drains. These chemicals often do more harm than good and are not safe to keep around the house.
  • Only paper products designed for toilet use should be flushed down the drain. The toilet is not a garbage can.
  • Leave it to the professionals. A professional technician is much faster and efficient than tackling the problem yourself.

Drain cleaning technicians have all the right tools for the job. The handiest is the video drain inspection camera. This tiny camera helps a technician know exactly what the problem is without wasting time. It can diagnose drain problems such as cracks, clogs, and even tree root issues. Drainage problems are best handled by the professionals with all the experience and gadgets to get the job done. Video drain inspections are the fastest and most accurate way to ascertain the cause of a drain problem. Contact us for more information about video drain inspections and cleaning.

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