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How Many Technical Professionals Does Confined Space Entry Require and Why?

confined space

A lot of industrial settings have confined spaces, so our technicians often work in these small areas to get jobs done. Due to the many dangers that come with a work place of this sort, OSHA regulates entry into confined spaces. Our team is specifically trained to work in sites like storage tanks or pump chambers and has skills in things like respirator training and recognizing toxic gases. We can’t send just anyone into a manhole these days. Only a professional with a confined space license is qualified to enter these potentially life-threatening conditions, and he can’t go alone.

How Many Guys Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?
While there are many variations of this joke, we can tell you that OSHA requires 2 guys to be present at a confined space assignment. One will actually enter the confined space, and the other is responsible for that person’s safety. He is looking out for potential hazards such as exposed live wires or unguarded machinery. He is also ready with special equipment to rescue his partner in case trouble strikes.

We’re There In A Tight Squeeze
We take safety seriously, and we make every effort to preserve the well-being of our employees and customers. As part of our commitment to you and our staff, we make sure our equipment is up-to-date and our technicians keep up their confined space certifications on an annual basis. Contact Us if your facility needs waste management services in a confined space, and you will feel secure in a job done safely by the best in the business.

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