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What is A Methane Digester?

Methane Digester Phase IIKline’s Services is working to implement an innovative renewable energy initiative. Phase II of this initiative has coupled a methane digester and a generator to produce electricity to not only meet the needs of Kline’s Services, but also to net meter approximately 400 kWh.

Project Overview

Phase II of Kline’s Services Renewable Energy System Project was the installation of a methane digester and a generator to produce electricity. The methane digester takes organic waste from a large number of food manufacturing facilities collected by Kline’s Services and turns the waste into a methane-rich biogas. This biogas then is used to fuel engine generators set to produce 600kW of electricity all year round. The food-waste generated power provides 4 times more power than currently consumed by Kline’s Services. The excess generated electricity is net metered through a substation currently on Kline’s property.